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May 2019

We have recently made changes to our Philadelphia Schedule. In March we began service to Philadelphia to accommodate those displaced by the sudden closure of Bieber Transportation. This service consisted of two runs, to and from Philly, Monday through Friday.

Due to low passenger counts, we have reduced that service to one Southbound run and one Northbound run, Monday  through Friday. Our Operations Team will continue to monitor these runs and make sensible decisions to meet our customers’ needs.

This schedule became effective Friday, April 26, and is Southbound Run #701 with a first stop at Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) at 5:15 a.m. Our Northbound Run #702 picks up passengers beginning at 10th Street between Filbert & Market at approximately 4:15 p.m.

View the Philadelphia Schedule.


Effective Monday, May 6, 2019, Trans-Bridge Lines and Martz Trailways began cross-honoring tickets for Philadelphia Service.

All One-Way and Round-Trip tickets may be presented to the motorcoach driver for acceptance. Those with already deeply discounted Commuter Books will need to hand their motorcoach driver their ticket and a $5.00 cash surcharge.

Please note that drivers do not carry cash and cannot make change, so you will want to be sure to have exact change.

View the Trans-Bridge Lines and Martz Trailways Philadelphia Schedules.

Note: Trans-Bridge continues to work with Fullington Trailways on a proposed similar agreement. Details will be released as more information becomes available.


It has become necessary for Trans-Bridge Lines to slightly increase the price of the Philadelphia Fares in order to maintain those runs.

Fares from Quakertown will be: $20 – One-Way;
$145 - 10 Trips; $270 – 20 Trips; $375 – 30 Trips.

From Lehigh Valley fares will be: $21 – One-Way;
$150 – 10 Trips; $280 – 20 Trips; $390 – 30 Trips.

This fare increase became effective Monday, May 6, 2019.

View All Philadelphia Fares.


As one would expect, fuel is one of our biggest resource costs. The cost of fuel ultimately factors into the cost of ticket fares. For this reason, we closely monitor the cost of fuel during the month and make adjustments to raise or lower fares based on that cost.

Current trends show fuel prices have risen. Therefore, for the month of May, there will be a slight increase in the price of fares.

Commuter Ticket Book Fares

All New York Fares

All Philadelphia Fares


For the past 25 years, Trans-Bridge Lines has always held a Safety Day. This year Trans-Bridge Lines has created the first ever Safety Week.

The purpose of this week was to express our dedication for our employees, passengers, and community by demonstrating the importance of staying safe. During the week, Trans-Bridge had several safety session meetings with keynote speakers and members of our management team touched on many important topics. Employees actively participated in a mock fire drill and practiced the Hands-Only method of CPR on dummies. 

Employees were invited to participate in a slogan contest, with the winner receiving a gift card of their choice. The 2019 winner was motorcoach driver, Jermaine Hussett. His slogan? “When in doubt, check it out!”

See our Press Release for more details on Safety Week.

From left: Safety & Training Manager, Scott Clark; Motorcoach Driver, Carlos Delgado; Safety & Training Supervisor, Brendan Stanczyk; and
President, Tom JeBran.

Do you have a cruise  scheduled to depart out of Cape Liberty Pier or Manhattan Cruise Terminal?

Trans-Bridge Lines offers transportation to Cape Liberty Pier in Bayonne, NJ and Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York, NY.

We require reservations at least two weeks prior to departure. To make a reservation, please call 610-868-6001 to speak with a representative.

Pier Information


As hotter days approach, keep these tips in mind to keep healthy and comfortable:

•    Stay hydrated - Water is permitted on our buses.
•    Wear sunscreen - Especially at stops without shelters.
•    Park your car in the shade – Your car can get extremely hot!
•    Wear lightweight clothing.
•    Use air conditioning - You can adjust the air vents on our 
      buses. Make sure to keep yourself cool! 

The Memorial Day holiday is Monday, May 27, 2019.

Trans-Bridge Lines will follow a Sunday schedule on this day. 

Watch for further details via social media and email.
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Sunday, May 12, is Mother's Day. Best wishes for a lovely day to all our Moms!